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Drawing and a love of animals and nature has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother loves art and music, but I’m not sure where my passion for animals, nature and natural science came from. Whether divine inspiration or genetics, my passions have taken me on the meandering journey that has been my life thus far.


My early drawings were rather primitive; pretty much what you’d expect from a two year old. My parents gave me drawing pad after drawing pad and I still have a few of these early works. My artistic efforts were encouraged by my parents, and especially my mother who would take my sister and me to the St. Louis Art Museum to participate in their summer programs.


I rapidly developed into a “color within the lines” kind of girl, with an interest in realistic representation in my art. I mainly worked in graphite, drawing animals. Ok, I admit it, I drew horses, horses, horses. I was, after all, a teenage girl. Eventually my interests expanded and I worked on a variety of subject matter and experimented with a variety of media.


I went off to college to pursue a degree in biology with the plan of going to veterinary school. I also was determined to get a minor in art. I was in animals versus art conflict. Before college I sat down to make a decision between animals and art. I could be a veterinarian or an artist. I decided on veterinarian because it would give me the knowledge of animals I craved and because artists don’t make any money. Had I known about scientific illustration at the time, I might have made a different choice.


Unfortunately they didn’t teach representational art at college. It was all about conceptual art. What to do, what to do? Well, I continued to teach myself how to draw. I went to vet school, and although I loved what I learned and will never regret going through the program, the practice of veterinary medicine was not for me. The art bug was still tugging at my soul and I decided to start pursuing art again. Somehow I needed to combine my love of animals with my desire to be an artist, and maybe throw in a bit of veterinary knowledge as well.


I pieced together my own art program and eventually discovered some wonderful teachers who taught representational art. With their help I was able to further develop my skills and I decided to become an artist and illustrator, concentrating on children’s books, animal portraits, botanical and scientific illustration. I also love to work on illustrations of pure whimsy, and yes, I’m still drawing horses, horses, horses.

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

My goal as an  illustrator is to work with my clients to create the visuals that they require

My goal as a portrait artist is to capture that essence that makes an individual unique

My goal as an artist is to produce unique works of beauty and quality with, maybe, a bit of whimsy

Moon Music

Spotted Pelidnota

End plate concept art for the Stories of Max and Moritz